Top 10 Stars Whose Lives Were Ruined (or Nearly Ruined) by Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is the worst disease of the XXI century. It does not skirt stars. Let us tell you what celebs who did drugs and whose life and career was ruined (and almost ruined) by drugs.

Corey Monteith (1982-2013)

Canadian actor Cory Monteith learned as a child what drugs are and by the age of 19, according to his own words, he tried them all. He himself did not see any problem with it, so the alarm was sounded by his friends and mother – they sent Cory to a rehabilitation clinic. He soon came out of it and quietly lived a “clean” for a while, but then returned to his normal way of life. And even filming in the popular TV series “Glee” did not become a hindrance. The situation escalated in 2013: in April, Corey himself sought help and went to rehab, but did not complete it. And on July 13, his body was found in the Pacific Rim Hotel on the 21st floor. The cause of death: toxic heroin and alcohol poisoning.

Zac Efron

Zac became the darling of all teenagers in America after the first “High School Musical” was released. The actor’s career took off and with it his stress levels. In 2013, Efron went to rehab to undergo treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction. Since then, he has been clean: he does not touch drugs and drinks only on holidays.

Amy Winehouse

A unique voice, uncommon good looks and the love of millions – she had it all. And then there was the addiction to hard drugs and alcohol, which Winehouse, the best jazz singer of our time, honestly tried to overcome since her teenage years. For the past four years of her life, she was constantly terribly depressed, snapped, then picked herself up again and started life all over again. But in 2011 she died: she did not wake up after a heavy alcohol poisoning – her drug-addled body could not cope.

Elton John

It is hard to believe that this legendary musician used illegal drugs, but after Whitney Houston’s death (she died of an overdose) he admitted that he used to snort cocaine and was often on the verge of death. And he stopped using after he met his now husband David Furnish. They are now raising two children, and Elton is completely clean.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay became popular as a teenager, and she did not cope with her fame: she went to rehab six times. On the Oprah Winfrey show she once confessed that she subconsciously made all her debauches in order to get into prison – the actress and singer thought that only imprisonment would calm her down, at least for a while. Now Lindsay seems to be making amends: she has embraced religion (she seems to have converted to Islam) and launched her own line of cosmetics and jewelry.

Robert Downey Jr

Robert says “thanks” to his father for his addiction to drugs: it was the director Robert Downey Senior, according to the actor, who first let the boy try illegal drugs. And yet he was only eight years old at the time. In 1996, Robert was arrested for possession of drugs and weapons – he served 16 months. And then began a long road to recovery. Now Downey Jr. clean, but to remember his days of former riotous youth does not want to.

Macaulay Culkin

The star of the Christmas movie “Home Alone” began using drugs after he broke up with actress Mila Kunis in 2010 (although he dabbled with pot before that). Then he became addicted to heroin and hallucinogens and converted his Manhattan apartment into a den of drugs. He looked, of course, not good, and recovered from addiction only last year. Now he is dating actress Brenda Song and taking care of his goddaughter Paris Jackson (19), daughter of musician Michael Jackson.

Courtney Love

Kurt Cobain’s widow was once nicknamed “Coco” – all because of her love of cocaine. She tried it for the first time at the age of 19, and then it became heroin. She couldn’t give up drugs even when she was pregnant with her only daughter, Frances. But one day she came to her senses and went through a long course of rehabilitation. “I don’t do heroin or crack,” she declared in 2011.


The world’s most famous rapper was once hospitalized in critical condition. “My organs refused to function: my kidneys, my liver, my whole lower body,” Eminem recounted. He struggled long and hard with addiction: his sense of responsibility for his daughter Hayley made him come to his senses.

Britney Spears

Britney went on a bender after her divorce from Kevin Federline in 2007. She became addicted to alcohol and drugs, gained a lot of weight and shaved her head. She was eventually admitted to a mental institution and declared incompetent. She coped only with the support of her family and thoughts of her two sons.

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