Famous People Who are Alcoholics

Here we are looking at photos of Lohan and condemning her for her lifestyle, which ruined the appearance of a once pretty girl. And let’s think of other famous people who are alcoholics. By the way, the list will include those who have overcome addiction.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears is a notorious troublemaker with a track record. The turning point for her was her divorce from Kevin Federline. The next two years of her life went something like this: alcohol abuse, nightclub hangouts, nervous breakdowns, depression, psychiatric hospital, drunk driving, alcoholism treatment, and more. As a result, Britney Spears lost her right to raise her sons. The singer’s psyche failed, and she was found temporarily incompetent after being admitted to a mental hospital. Her father helped her return to a normal life.

– My life was worse than prison. There was no passion or interest. I had bad days and good days. But at that point I felt like I was in prison, though… When you’re in prison, you know exactly when your sentence is going to end. In my case, detention never ended – it was Groundhog Day, – recalls the singer years of drinking and endless binge drinking.

Paris Hilton

One of Britney’s regular drinking buddies was Paris, who Kelly Osbourne blamed on Hilton and said it was her fault I wouldn’t drink so much. She’s also been known to bring Nicole Richie, Mischa Barton and Lindsay Lohan into her company. In 2006, Paris was arrested for drunk driving, served a few days in jail and paid a fine.

Nick Carter, her ex-boyfriend, also blames everything on Paris. He claims that there is probably no worse person in the world among those he has had to deal with than Paris. Nick admits that there were nights when he was alone with Hilton drinking a bottle of vodka. When alcohol was no longer enough, Nick switched to cocaine and ecstasy, washing it all down with alcohol at Paris’s suggestion.

Drew Barrymore

The story of this actress is astounding. She started drinking…. at the age of 9. At 10, she smoked a joint for the first time, and at 12, she tried cocaine. From the age of 14, Drew regularly underwent rehabilitation courses in specialized centers. In 1989, she tried to commit suicide.

– I went to hell and back again. In an instant I was on Hollywood’s “black list” and learned by experience how painful it is to fall. I ran out of money instantly. To stay afloat, I cleaned toilets in a diner. Customers would recognize me and start laughing. – recalls the actress.

Now Drew will allow himself to drink, but he doesn’t exaggerate. Sometimes, when the mood strikes.

Kristin Davis

Oh yes, it’s hard to imagine the actress who played the prim Charlotte as an alcoholic. But Christine really is a former alcoholic, and she does not hide it at all. She started drinking quite early, back in high school.

– Oh no, no drugs! – Christine remembered. – I only learned about the existence of cocaine and other substances when I moved to New York. It was simpler than that: alcohol. In the South, everyone was drinking: kids started with beer or mint juleps, the older crowd consumed whiskey. At our school the kids didn’t drink beer or Julep, we hid behind the gymnasium and chugged whiskey straight from the throat.

So, she went to AA club for many years to get rid of her cravings for alcohol. The reason for the craving for alcohol was stage fright. Christine admitted that she simply could not play, not first drank something stronger. And at 25 years she could already safely call herself an alcoholic.

Kelly Osborne

Kelly doesn’t really care, believing her alcohol addiction is in her genes thanks to her daddy Ozzie. She started drinking when she was 12 years old, and at 18 she was in rehab for the first time.

– At times I couldn’t tell exactly when I was last sober. Today I’m a model teetotaller. I can’t even afford a glass of wine at dinner because I don’t want to feel guilty again and remember all the horrors I went through in rehab,” Kelly said. I’ve been sent to rehab seven times and twice to a mental health clinic. Once, hoping to help, my mom even locked me in a felt-covered room to scare me, but I just sat there quietly until she realized it wasn’t going to work on me. Over time, I realized clearly that neither psychotherapy nor the best treatment will help unless you want to heal yourself. Until you want to be a normal person, you won’t be.

Lilly Allen

The singer drank a lot while on tour, which she found the strength to admit:

– I had to admit to myself that drinking was killing me. The situation had gone too far, I couldn’t even concentrate when I was sober… It’s too bad, the only chance to get out of this nightmare is to close myself in the studio again and immerse myself in recording the new album. I don’t want to end up suffering from a terrible hangover in the morning…

Once at a concert at the Big Day Out Festival in Perth, Australia, Lily fainted. “I was so drunk at the time that I didn’t remember anything,” Lily recalls, “and I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong by drinking or doing drugs. As long as you’re not hurting anyone with it, you shouldn’t be ashamed. My behavior is normal for people my age and in my situation.” Now, though, Lily is a very different person.

Melanie Griffith

Banderos’ ex-wife has always tortured a passion for all things forbidden. Melanie struggled with her alcoholism for 30 years. She not once got into clinics and wore out her whole family, who considered the actress’ alcoholism a real monster. However, since her marriage to Antonio, Melanie began to drink much less frequently.

– I was an alcoholic for many years. When I gave up drinking, it was like I was free. This release is like a feeling, as if you escape from prison, – said the actress.

In general, the list of such stars is very long, perhaps more to come.

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